I work with businesses of all shapes and sizes to create fun and informative commercials and jingles. As an Account Executive for Nexstar Broadcasting over a 2 1/2 year period, I spent time creating TV advertisements for restaurants, car dealerships, retail, theme parks, special events, and everything in between.

Lukin's Brick Oven Pizza

Lukin’s Brick Oven Pizza is a bar/pizza parlor in Utica, New York. The name “Lukin’s” is derived from a Pearl Jam song called “Lukin”. Armed with this information, I created a jingle and music video concept which was brought to life by director and editor, Tom Knudsen. “(I’m Going to) Lukin’s” was a concept that took a lot of flack from higher-ups, until it was completed, and almost cost me my job. No one had written a jingle for a client before, so going this extra step was very much outside of the corporate box. As it turned out, the lead did not show up for the shoot, which meant I had to fill in (also frown upon by the corporate powers that be).

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Wendy's Diner

Wendy’s Diner in Cassville, NY is a great, fun-loving establishment with an owner who knows how to have fun. They informed me that they had a gentleman with a “sweet ride” and a few ladies who were more than willing to participate in a fun commercial. The goal was to push their ice cream for the summer. Within a very short time frame, I wrote a script, presented the idea, and was immediately approved. This commercial was written, directed, and produced by your’s truly, with camera work and editing done by Matthew Salvaggio. The ladies threw in a little bit of their own flair and the whole project was a BLAST! We laughed the whole time.

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Other Commercials

Here are a few other commercials that I created that are a bit more on the informative side. A lot of these were fun, too, but I prefer the funny stuff!